Thursday, October 25, 2012

News Around Daughter

We saw Psychiatrist today.  She increased Daughter's anti psychotic to help with her volatility.  She said the fall is always a hard time for people with bipolar because of the decreasing light.  Daughter has gained 7 lbs, confirming my suspicions that they are getting careless with her diet. 

House Manager called today to tell me that one of the staff members was assaulted as she came into work the late shift Monday night.  They are installing lights and security cameras around the house, and the women are not allowed to go outside after dark or alone any time.  They are not telling the residents, but they are notifying the guardians, so one of them may tell one of the residents. 

Case Manager told me that Daughter's house has fired five of the staff members.  I knew they had new staff members beginning, as Daughter had complained.  Medical Coordinator has been there almost 3 years, and only one staff member has been there longer than she has.  There are always going to be new people to be trained on how to handle Daughter and her needs.

Daughter is with me until Sunday evening.  She helped me in the yard this evening before choir, so we're off to a good start.  Hopefully that will continue. 

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