Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Chance to Breathe

With the big memorial service behind us, this week it finally feels like we have the opportunity to breathe.  Today Administrative Assistant and I sat down with our calendars and looked at the schedule for the rest of the year.  It has been several weeks since we had (or made) time to do that.  We also went out to lunch today to once again celebrate surviving a challenging time in ministry. 

I've been working on newsletter articles today, and I've mapped out adult education for the rest of the year.  We scheduled communion dates for 2013.  I'm grateful for the time to do this.  We have our work mapped out for the next few weeks, and it really does ease the stress.

This week is the second anniversary of beginning my ministry here.  As I wrote in a newsletter article a little while ago, with each passing day I grow to love these people more.  I'm grateful to be here. 

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