Saturday, October 6, 2012


Fall is definitely here.  Thursday was a beautiful warm day, but yesterday it got cooler again.  I went shopping yesterday, and found it amusing to see the various things people were wearing.  There were people with winter coats and a guy wearing shorts and sandals.  I was wearing a sweatshirt.  Today I'm doing some work in the yard.  I have harvested the last of my garden and pulled the tomato plants.  I'm going to mow the yard and put the clippings and leaves in the garden.  I'm bringing to chili pepper plants in for the winter.  I decided the habanero pepper plant was too big to bring in, but I'm considering protecting it from the frost at night so that a few more of the peppers on it will ripen. 

I'm thinking about my plans for next spring.  I promised Daughter I'd come and get her after lunch.  She will going to do some cleaning while I continue to work in the yard.  She likes being able to earn some money.  I'll probably build a fire when we watch TV together this evening.  She bought a new video yesterday for us to watch. 

I received the material I was waiting for from the family of the woman who died, and I figured out what the organizing principle will be for the service.  Once I had that, I was able to relax, because I know the rest will fall into place.  Even better, the daughter loved my idea.  I think they are finally trusting me to plan something nice for their mom. I hope so, anyway. 

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