Friday, October 12, 2012


After I got a hair cut this morning, I went into the office.  We had 800 pages to fold, raffle tickets to number and score, and we needed to print and bind 5 more 120 page books for the prayer class I'm leading.  I decided I needed to go lend a hand.  Administrative Assistant harassed me a bit, but she was grateful for the help, especially when the copy machine began to misbehave.  It kept shutting down due to a non-existent misfeed.  She took over nursing it along, and I took care of punching holes, collating, and binding the books using our comb binder. 

We also set up an itunes account for the church, and downloaded an album that goes with the prayer class.  I will use one of the tracks for the class Sunday morning, meaning I don't have to prepare a lesson for Sunday.  Once I get to the church Sunday, I'm staying until after the memorial service, so it will be a long day. 

Daughter was hoping t stay with me all day Sunday, but she's having her first period on her new birth control pill.  She reports it's heavy and she's having cramps and back pain.  I may encourage her to just stay home this weekend.  My bug has settled in my sinuses. 

I just received an email from AA.  They met with the band for the memorial service this evening, and that was okay.  She took care of some other things.  And she asserted her authority as my keeper to order me to take it easy tomorrow.  I do have to finish the memorial service, and I should do some work around the house, but I'm not going to work very hard.  Sunday will be a long day. 

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