Sunday, October 21, 2012


Daughter's home is going on a field trip on Friday.  We offered her the option of going with them or spending the day with me (her program is closed for an in-service).  I'm somewhat surprised, but she has chosen to go with her house on the field trip.  She found out about it yesterday, and I told her she had until today to decide.  So she decided. 

I wrote an extra verse for a spiritual to fit the theme of the service this morning.  I was embarrassed to see that Administrative Assistant had credited me, and that credit had made it up on the screen with the lyrics this morning.  I was even more embarrassed when someone lifted it up as a joy during the joys and concerns prior to prayer this morning.  I told AA I'm going to write an extra long article now for her to try to fit in the newsletter.  She was amused and totally unrepentant. 

It looks like she has made it through her month of jury duty without having to go in to the court house.  We are both very relieved....

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