Saturday, December 19, 2009


Last night Sister and I both dreamed about Mom. In my dream, I was baking one of her favorite Christmas cookies, and suddenly just had the overwhelming urge to talk to her. I realized I couldn't, and sobbed. Then, as only happens in dreams, she was in my kitchen with me. She grabbed my glucose meter and started looking at my blood sugars. I was embarrassed, and she glared her disapproval.
I talked about her some yesterday, so I suspect that is what prompted my dreams. The other thing is that the closer it gets to Christmas, the more I think about both of my parents. Sister found a message on her answering machine from Dad that she hadn't deleted yet. She had to clean off the machine, but she left that message. I deleted his phone numbers from my contacts in Outlook this week. A year ago my Christmas present from Mom was that she called me by name. I'd love to hear either one of them speak to me again. Even in my dream, she didn't speak. I miss them so much.
It's snowing here. I promised Daughter I would take her shopping in City today. I think that will be a most welcome distraction....


Anonymous said...

Dreams are how the departed are able to contact us. If you think about your parents in a very loving way just before you fall asleep, chances are good that you'll dream about them.
When we're in a hypnogogic state, either just falling asleep of while we're in the process of waking up, the boundary between the dead and the living becomes thin enough for them to communicate with us.
Keep trying and it will happen. Just be sure to think of your loved ones as whole and vital, no longer sick.

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks. I'll try that. Daughter just called, crying about how much she misses her grandparents and how she wants them here for Christmas. Before she goes to bed tonight I'll make sure we share good memories of them from their healthier days.