Saturday, December 26, 2009

So Much for Breathtaking

Yesterday Daughter declared that the Nintendo DS she got for Christmas was "breathtaking." Today, the reality of her limitations became a source of great frustration. I don't think she'd declare it breathtaking (in a positive way) today. She is so slow doing anything, and her tremors are such that she has very poor fine motor control, with the result that any timed game is beyond her. I've tried to be encouraging, but this may have been a mistake. It was what I feared all those years when I didn't buy it for her. I gave in, though, because it had been a consistent request for several years.
I bought her a Princess Jewels game that is designed for very young girls, and she had some success with that, so maybe in time she'll become more competent with the stylus and the touch screen. When we see Psychiatrist on the 30th, I intend to ask her about reducing some of the sedating medications that cause tremors. As much as I hate to admit it, there are times when Daughter seems drugged.
Nice Guy is coming over this evening, and as usual, Daughter is freaking out about it. Now her concern is that it's been close to a year that they've been dating, so they'll end up talking about marriage. Their first date was November 6, so it's been less than 2 months. I pointed this out to Daughter, and also told her that even after they've been dating a year, it doesn't mean they need to get married. I told her that some people continue to date for years before they decide whether to get married. This seemed to help some. She just has a difficult time with the concept of time.

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