Monday, December 7, 2009

Phone Calls from Daughter

I had two phone calls this morning from Daughter. The first one was because she was worried about her appointment with Psychiatrist today. She is afraid Psychiatrist will put her in the hospital. I assured her that wouldn't happen. The second one was to tell me she was in great pain. I suggested she go ask for something for the pain. I'm picking her up this afternoon, but her anxiety is getting the best of her. I woke her up early this morning and made her sit under the full spectrum light while I did my work out. She went back to sleep, of course, but hopefully the time under the light helped some. She's insisting it's not helping at all, but she didn't sleep as much yesterday, so I see that as an improvement. I'm not sure that the light is going to be enough for her at this point. It would be nice if it was, but I'm just not sure....
C came over this morning and we continued our cleaning and decluttering in preparation for the open house Sunday. We're making progress, but there is still a great deal to be done. I've decided I need a few more Christmas decorations. I think I may have been possessed by the spirit of my parents.... It's amazing the impact they continue to have on my life. For the most part, that is a good thing.

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