Monday, December 21, 2009

Moving Forward

Yesterday evening I finally wrote all the thank you notes that I needed to write for the support I received following Dad's death. It was harder to do them this time-- writing them involved facing the reality/finality of my parents' death. They were hanging over my head, and so last night I sat down at the desk in my study and wrote them while Daughter and Nice Guy watched TV. Putting them in the mail today was liberating.
Daughter called today crying about how much she misses her grandparents. I'm going to have to find a way to distract her this evening. I have decided that C is my personal assistant. Her job each week is going to be to help me address whatever is most stressing me out. Today, we wrapped presents, changed a light bulb, and vacuumed and cleaned downstairs. C is going to come in and check on the cats and do some general cleaning once while we are gone. We'll only be away for 3 nights, so they'll be fine. They know C now, so they might even come out and demand some attention from her.
Daughter is in her clingy/depressed mood tonight. She wants "mommy time," so I sat with her on the couch and she leaned into me. I finally got up to get some things done, and promised her that if she'd do her chores, we'd watch Harry Potter together tonight and she could sit next to me and get her mommy time. She's now sleeping on the couch, so I'm not very optimistic about her getting things done.
I'm ready to move forward. She's having a harder time with it.

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