Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back to Normal

As Far Away Sister put it, it was nice for her to tell me what I wanted to hear yesterday and give me one day of relief and hope.... Daughter woke up with her stomach bothering her and tried to convince me she couldn't go to the workshop. I refuse to talk to her about those things until she has dressed and eaten breakfast, and by then she figures she might as well go. I got a whiny call today, complaining about blood sugars and tremors.
Nurse called, and said Daughter had had a bad day. Very lethargic, couldn't complete a sentence, bad tremors that were quite visible, including in her legs. She was under the impression Daughter had decided she couldn't work yesterday. She was going to check with her supervisor to see whether she'd been super productive as she'd told me or unable to do anything, as she told Nurse.
We have no heat in our house right now. The last time I looked, the temperature was 48 in here. I'm sure it's dropped since then. I'm going to go stand over the oven as I fix supper. I'm glad I decided to bake a casserole tonight. I have a meeting at the church at 7:00, hopefully it will be warm there (it was cold in the office this morning-- finally figured out someone had switched the thermostat from heat to cool.)


Freddae' said...

Sounds overwhelming. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks. At least we have heat again, which helps.