Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Attempt

I discovered Daughter has been into more food today. The discovery prompted the usual storming off, calling me names, and announcing she was moving out. I hadn't even scolded or consequenced her for it, I had just asked her about it. When she calmed down she told me she hadn't slept well last night because her birth family was talking to her and bugging her. It's all triggered by her relationship with Nice Guy, and the thought that one day she might leave my home and protection.
Remembering a comment Miz Kizzle had made, I sat her down at the kitchen table, and while I made garlic bread for our senior luncheon today, I had her write a letter to her family. She told them she had a loving family and friends now. She told them she was surrounded by God's love. At first, she was skeptical, but gradually she got into it. I helped her with spelling, and by the end of the letter she was telling them (in all caps) to get out of her life. I suggested we put it in an envelope and hang it on her bedroom door. Then they'll know not to come in and bug her and she'll be safe in her room.
We'll see how this works. I just asked her to do something, and she has stormed up to her room and slammed the door, so it obviously hasn't solved all of our problems, but hopefully she will be able to sleep better and that will help. That is my hope. If this doesn't work, we'll make another attempt. I'm not going to let the past win, and hopefully Daughter will share my determination.

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