Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Attended the Entire Meeting

I had a meeting about 25 miles from here this evening in another church. I'm part of a group from our regional body that is working with them on some issues. I had tried to arrange respite for Daughter, but it didn't work out, so I took her with me. I was going to share a ride, but I decided I'd best go alone so I could leave if I needed to.
I left Daughter outside the meeting room with her DVD player, coloring books, and various other things to entertain herself. Part way into the meeting, my cell rang. It was Daughter. I went out to see what was up. She had all of these vague physical symptoms. I took her into the meeting room and had her sit at a different table. She could see me, she was in the same room with me, she was fine.
I just can't stop to think about the fact that my 22 year old Daughter can't handle being in a different room from me during a meeting. Instead, I'll think about the fact that she did some chores tonight, and she coped well enough I could be there for the entire meeting.


Grandma Scott said...

I have cared for adult children and it is hard. My heart is with you and so will my prayers. You are never aloone God walks with us caring us when we are tired and alone ... hugs Grandma Scott

FAScinated said...

My sister is almost 41 years old but a combination of prenatal exposure, disrupted attachments (she was adopted as an older child in a sibling group from the foster care system), trauma, chronic and severe alcohol use and mental illness have caused her to function more like an 8 year old. She's currently hospitalized so I don't have to wonder if she'll leave a candle in her apartment on or take too much medication but they won't keep her forever.

Prayers and hugs, friend. ~Kari

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks, Grandma Scott.


Your story reminds me that it could be worse-- at Daughter's current level of functioning there is no question of her living independently or marrying. I can protect her from becoming an alcoholic. I can prevent pregnancy. I won't have to live the nightmare you have lived with your sister and continue to live. Hugs as you continue the journey with your sister.