Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Somewhat Fun, Boring Day

As we were coming home from the county fair yesterday, Daughter said, “Well, it has been a somewhat boring, fun day.” I thought that was hilarious, but also somewhat descriptive. Daughter’s blood sugars gradually went up Sunday night and by Monday noon she was very high. I guess her body finally figured out that she had eaten massive quantities of food Sunday evening in an attempt to get her blood sugar up. I was relieved that it was up, especially since Labor Day is our annual trip to the county fair. Daughter has spent the last two nights in the recliner in my bedroom, so I know she's still a bit scared about having another low.

Around here the fair is a very big deal. I had never been to a fair before I moved here 12 years ago. When we first came here, the schools would start, have a week of school, and then have a week off for the fair. I was always skeptical about how much education actually went on that first week of school, but that was tradition. Gradually, they’ve cut back on the number of fair days, though most of the districts still to give the students at least one fair day. If school is in session and the student is showing an animal or something, it’s an excused absence.

Sunday night I wasn’t sure we’d make it to this year’s fair. I wasn’t about to try to fight low blood sugars at the fair. We both slept in until about 9:00, which felt good. I was having a lazy morning, until some visitors showed up on our doorstep. These people were on a family history tour, and wanted to see the church. I quickly through on some clothes and took them over for a tour. One of the joys and pains of living next door to the church is that people are always dropping by for something.

We’d been over their talking for 30 minutes or so when Daughter appeared. She was carrying my purse and a baseball cap for me, and was obviously ready to go to the fair. She is not real subtle. We were winding up our conversation. They had purchased a number of copies of our history book, which I had signed for them. They laughed and quickly headed out, with many thanks. They were pleasant people, and I enjoyed their visit.

Once at the fair, we ate food from the Tiny Village community service club food stand, and then Daughter took off to find friends. I ran into all the special guests from the Big Event, and was able to thank each and apologize and explain why I had to leave early.

Daughter blew about $15 on games, but she did refuse to buy anything for Best Friend, who I warned her would ask her for money. I visited some of the displays, and made note of some of the winners from the church. Daughter decided she was ready to leave after about 2 hours. The temperature was over 90 by then, so I was glad she was ready to leave.

After a stop at the grocery store, we came home and Daughter cooked supper. I’d have to agree with her evaluation. It was a somewhat boring, fun day. Today it’s back to the routine. I’m hoping for a somewhat boring, productive day.

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