Monday, September 29, 2008

Low, Again

Sigh. So her blood sugar was high until 4:00. It didn’t stay in range. By just after 5:00, she was in the 40’s. I’ve been feeding her ever since, and haven’t even been able to get her blood sugar up to 60. We treat anything below 70. I called the endo, who told me the problem is that I’m not feeding her fruit mixed with low fat cottage cheese. Yes, she wanted me to drive 12 miles to town and buy low fat cottage cheese. She has now had fruit and low fat cottage cheese. Sure enough, it cause her blood sugar to drop—again.

I’m supposed to start her back on her long acting insulin tonight—though not the full amount. I’m reluctant to do that when she can’t keep her blood sugar up when she hasn’t had any insulin in her system since her short acting insulin wore off 4-5 hours ago. At best, it will be another night when I worry and set an alarm so I can check her blood sugar while she sleeps.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a post with more substance.

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Mongoose said...

Thanks for the updates. I'll be with you in spirit. I wake up every 3.5 hours or so, so that will make two of us. :)