Saturday, September 20, 2008


Dad is feeling much better. He got hungry during the night and ate a tuna sandwich. It’s the first solid food he’d had in about a week, and it tasted good and didn’t bother his stomach. His kidneys are doing fine now. He will probably go home Sunday or Monday.

I’m hoping for Sunday, because then I wouldn’t need to make the trip on Monday. We still need to go up for a day or so sometime soon. Daughter pointed out that it’s been a while since we visited, and we need to go. One of the reasons we hadn’t gone was because I was concerned about her ability to handle it, but she seems to think she won’t have any problems.

She’s still not as stable as either one of us would like. She wanted me to call Psychiatrist today because she was feeling very weepy. She continues to get into food at night and have high blood sugar in the mornings.

Tonight we have tickets for a concert through a series we subscribe to. I think it will be good for both of us to sit back and enjoy a concert. Tomorrow will be a very busy day. In addition to worship and Sunday School, we have Special Olympics Bowling in the afternoon and I have two meetings in the evening. I so hope we don’t have to leave to go to take care of Dad Monday morning.

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