Monday, September 8, 2008

Too Much

Daughter decided to try sleeping in her own room tonight. She was having difficulty falling asleep, so she kept getting up and wandering. Finally she turned on her lullaby CD.

I was sound asleep when she started asking me about the smell. She said it smelled like someone was burning something. I couldn’t smell anything. Then she said, “Oh, my hoodie is smoking.” I was half asleep and annoyed by her ongoing chatter, so it didn’t really register.

I finally smelled the smoke and woke up. She announced she was in my recliner. She’s probably asleep by now. I’m wide awake. Half of her hoodie is soaking wet in the kitchen sink. The other half is ash. She had her hoodie draped over her lamp, where it got too hot. The lamp shade has melted. The hoodie is history, and it stinks of smoke upstairs. I think I need to replace the smoke detector. It’s right outside her bedroom door, but it never went off.

Oh, and when I went into her room to investigate the smoke and make sure nothing else was burning, I discovered she’s been into food again. Tomorrow I’ll have a good reason for being tired. I should go back upstairs and try to go back to sleep. But it stinks up there, and I don’t want to be near her right now. Eventually I'll be grateful that the house didn't burn down, but for now I'm just mad at her.

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