Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Tuesday Dad was discharged from the hospital. He’s doing very well. After he was discharged, I took him to the grocery store and over to see Mom. He helped me chop things for the apple meatloaf he’s been craving. He didn’t take any of his normal catnaps, which amazed me. We left later than I had hoped, and didn’t get home until about 10:15. When we drove into Tiny Village, all the houses were dark. I thought it was pretty early for everyone to have gone to bed, and then I realized the street lights weren’t on, either.

There still wasn’t any power this morning. Since we’re on a well, that means no water. I wouldn’t let Daughter open the refrigerator door. I couldn’t check messages or caller ID. I have sleep apnea, and since my cpap machine wouldn’t work I slept in the recliner in my room so my head would be elevated and I could breathe. Daughter slept in my bed. We were only able to find one flashlight—the one I keep in the car. In the confusion, we forgot Daughter’s long acting insulin, so she was high this morning.

I talked to one of the saints this morning, and it seems that a transformer blew before 8:00 yesterday evening. The power company said they’d have it fixed by midnight. Maybe they should have asked midnight what day. I brought Daughter to town and bought her breakfast at McDonald’s and bought some ice and something she could take to the workshop for lunch.

Our first senior luncheon is supposed to be today, but we’ll have to cancel it if the power doesn’t come back on soon. I came into McDonalds to connect with their wireless network, but haven’t been able to connect. I’m going through withdrawal without my internet fix.
I am in desperate need of a shower.

Later... the power came back on about 10:00 this morning. I was able to shower, and we were able to have the senior luncheon. Attendance wasn’t great, but we had a good time. Daughter went to the workshop because she was supposed to go to observe on the apartment cleaning again today. They didn’t let her go, and they didn’t have any work for her. She isn’t very happy, as she has always enjoyed the senior luncheons, and would have stayed home if she’d known she would just have to sit and watch her friends work today.

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