Friday, September 12, 2008

Mind Reading 101

Contrary to popular belief, mind reading is not offered in seminary. I am not able to ready minds, and I don’t magically know that someone is in the hospital. So it was that late last night I got a phone call to inform me they were going to put one of the saints on the prayer list. Okay. Why? It seems that a routine outpatient procedure she was having this week went horribly wrong, and she ended up in intensive care. I was supposed to know that.

I was supposed to be able to update the people who called and stopped by today to ask about her condition. Didn’t I know the family had been called in? No, I didn’t. Then I wonder if maybe there is some reason they don’t want me at the hospital. Have I somehow offended this family? Should I go, and risk upsetting them more?

It’s been a long time since something like this happened. I thought I had folks well trained. I tell them I’d rather hear about something like this 100 times than not know. This evening I went up to see her. She’s out of intensive care, but has not had good news. My visit was brief, and I promised to stop by again tomorrow. I ran into her family on the way out, and was able to check in with them. They all seemed open to my ministry. I apologized for not being there sooner, and told them I’d just heard about it.

I took Daughter out to eat, which is part of the deal when I drag her to the hospital and abandon her in the lobby. When we got home, the phone rang. One of the saints wanted me to know her mother was rushed to the hospital early this morning with a possible heart attack. She’s three rooms down from the other woman. If I’d known, I’d have stopped in to see them while I was up there. But I didn’t know. The daughter decided she’d better call me after she ran into the other family.

Maybe they’ve updated the curriculum and seminaries are now offering a mind reading course. It sure would come in handy.

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