Friday, September 5, 2008

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Daughter had her good day, and came home and told me about it. She talked to Best Friend and set her boundaries. We spent some time together when she got home. I made the enchiladas she requested for supper.

We brought our enchiladas upstairs so we could watch Tom Hanks in Big. Somehow, neither one of us had ever seen that movie. I paused the movie for a bathroom break and suddenly Daughter, who had been laughing through the movie, decided it was more important to go for a walk than watch the rest of the movie. I knew she wanted to take a tour of the kitchen. I insisted she watch the rest of the movie, which she did. Then she went for a walk and her tour of the kitchen. She of course kept denying she wanted to go sneak food.

At bedtime her blood sugar was 251. She finally acknowledged she had eaten two pieces of cinnamon bread. She ate it because she wants to die. Sigh.

We talked about why she ate the bread. We talked about what else she could have done. I pointed out her strength earlier in the day, and said she was strong enough to control her eating as well. I assured her I loved her. I suggested she focus on the good parts of the day. She told me she can’t take and offsite job until she can control her eating. She did let me hug her before she went to bed.

Tomorrow is another day. I hope she will allow herself to make it a good one.


debinca said...

< She told me she can’t take and offsite job until she can control her eating.>

I have often stated that its this self sabotage that really wears us down as parents.

sigh, prayers, owl

Reverend Mom said...


It is. I think that her successes yesterday were also very scary for her. Fear is such a powerful motivator. As I told my Dad, I'm just pleases she's still making progress and growing. It gives me hope for the future-- however far off that may be.