Friday, September 5, 2008

Thanks, Mom

I just had a phone call from Daughter. “Thanks, Mom.” That was all she wanted to say, and to wish me a good day. I had earlier had a call from Case Manager who was meeting with Daughter. Daughter had called her this morning while she was waiting for the bus to tell her she needed to meet with her. I participated in their meeting via speaker phone.

Case Manager had not been getting the message that Daughter wanted to meet with her. Case Manager was not happy with the things Daughter was telling her. The outcome of Daughter’s initiative in meeting with Case Manager:
Case Manager is going to talk to Supervisor and see that Daughter’s messages get relayed quickly. She also gave Daughter instructions for other ways to reach her.

Case Manager is going to see that Daughter is allowed to do the offsite jobs from the workshop as a substitute, an opportunity that while promised, has not been provided.

Case Manager told Daughter that Best Friend is not allowed to ask for money at the workshop, and assured Daughter that Best Friend has plenty of money. She offered to talk to Best Friend, but Daughter wants to handle it on her own.

Case Manager assured Daughter that they don’t allow people who are a danger to attend the workshop. She is going to check on the report that a new client is a registered sex offender, but assured Daughter that she is safe.

Case Manager made additional suggestions as to how Daughter can stop Best Friend and Best Friend’s boy friend from dumping their problems on Daughter.

I am so proud of Daughter. I praised her, as did Case Manager.

In a brief private conversation, I told Case Manager that I suspected Daughter is being stone walled because of the diabetes. Case Manager is not happy. I understand why they really didn’t want Daughter talking to Case Manager. We are very fortunate in the Case Manager that Daughter has assigned to her.

When Daughter called to thank me (all I did was back her up and remind her of things she could bring up with Case Manager), I told her again how proud I was of her. I could hear the relief in her voice. This is such progress for Daughter. She is finding her voice and learning how to stand up for herself and keep herself safe. Therapist and I have been working with her on this for a long time. She’s getting it. The extra trazadone enabled her to sleep through the night, so her morning blood sugar was down some, though still not in target range. It looks like maybe we’ve weathered another storm.
A heartfelt “Thanks, Mom,” like Daughter just called to offer makes it all worthwhile. I’ll be smiling the rest of the day

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