Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today's Accusation

Daughter called me around lunch time.  She yelled at me and hung up.  Today's transgression?  I had updated the team on what I knew about the food issues.  Case Manager was all over it, and so one of the staff at her program had had a conversation with her about it. 

Now Home Owner wants to search her bags when she comes into the house.  I suggested that she could try that, but I thought that Daughter would probably see it as a challenge and come up with new ways to sneak food into the house.  We're also having an ongoing conversation about specialists.  Now they think she should be seeing a podiatrist quarterly.  She isn't having any problems with her feet.  Taking her to lots of doctors gives her lots of opportunities to complain about how hard her life is and how bad she has it.  I try to emphasize her health and her abilities, so I don't seek out specialists unless there is a need. 

I was away from my computer for an extended stretch today, and when I came back to it I discovered that there had been a bunch of emails from various team members about the whole situation.  I'm so glad they think they can control Daughter's eating.  I wish them luck.  I did remind them, though, that every time they tighten up Daughter takes her frustration out on me.  She makes them promises and then calls to tell me I have no right to talk about her and I'm horrible and she hates me.  I limit her opportunities to do that and am very firm about cutting her off.  It does take a toll, though. 

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