Friday, October 18, 2013


I'm back walking early in the morning with a woman in the church.  We've managed 4 mornings this week.  Daughter isn't too happy about it, as she is jealous when she calls early in the morning and I'm out walking.  Walker is divorced, and her youngest started college this year.  She invited me to come over for dinner and a movie tonight.  She's invited another woman as well.  I'm looking forward to it.  She's going to help me use my gift certificate for the performing arts center. 

I received a request from linked in from one of the board members in the church.  He's a retired banking executive.  He listed his vocation as "personal happiness architect."  I laughed, because that is so typical of him.  He has ADHD a super high IQ, and is constantly on the move.  He loves doing projects around the church, so we keep him busy.   This past week he worked on drainage around the church and set up the dehumidifier downstairs to run into a drain.  We've had an ongoing problem with a musty smell, and we hope this will solve the problem.  He was in the office yesterday, talking about last Sunday.  He loved the new graphics, and one of the hymns sent him home in search of a good version for his ipod.

He has taken care of several issues around my home for me.  He and his wife followed the ambulance to the hospital when I broke my arm.   Since he lives close to me, he and his wife will pick me up tomorrow morning to go work the concession stand at the football game.  We were short of workers this week, so I signed up. 

Walking in the mornings has increased my energy level, and my appetite.  I like the increased energy level, I'm not so sure about the increased appetite. 

Today I'm trying to get my kitchen cleaned, and I'm also doing some cooking.  I have some gluten free brownies in the oven right now. 

I'm enjoying playing in bell choir this year.  I think I'm beginning to master the bells, though I still am challenged when I have to change bells quickly, or go from bells to chimes quickly.  The bell choir is a great group of people, so I enjoy spending time with them.  I am also going to play piano for our Taize service on Oct. 27.  Fortunately, the keyboard part is very simple.  It feels good to be involved in music again. 

I'm connecting with people in new ways, and it's nice.  I'm also getting everything done for Sunday by Thursday evening, which means I have real time off.  I'm getting better and setting some limits and taking time to do the things I enjoy.  A lot of that is because I'm feeling so much better since I'm on this diet.  It also helps that Daughter is no longer living here.  She keeps telling me she wants to move back in with me.  Not going to happen. 

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