Monday, October 7, 2013

"Back Stabber"

Daughter called this morning, outraged because Staff didn't believe her when she insisted she hadn't been into any food that caused her blood sugar to be high this morning.  She was playing up the persecuted victim.  I cut her off and told her to stop it.  I pointed out she'd claimed she wasn't into any food after she bought the candy, and when she was taking food out of the pantry.  I told her I agreed with Staff, and suggested she tell the truth about the food she'd been into.  She yelled, "Back Stabber," and hung up on me.  That should guaranteed me a day free of phone calls from her.  It will be evening before she cools down enough to call and apologize. 

I think she's trying to get herself hospitalized.  This is the longest she's gone in years without a hospitalization.  She hasn't been in the hospital in the three years we've been here.  I was hospitalized with a broken arm in May, and last week she couldn't come for the weekend because I had a sore throat.  She wants some of the attention.  It's not going to work, and tonight I will inform her of that. 

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