Thursday, October 3, 2013


As  I anticipated, Case Manager was all over the strip situation.  She called Home Owner, and informed us in an email that there were other issues here and it was being addressed.  I dropped Daughter off after choir, and she quickly called me to tell me they had received the strips.  "Now I can relax." 

I guess we'll find out in a month if Home Owner has dealt with the issues that are leading to the monthly strip crisis. 

We have a man in the congregation who just retired as head of IT for a major insurance company.  He is bored, and looking for things to do.  He has offered his IT expertise to us.  I have been frustrated with my inability to sync the calendar on my android with the calendar in Outlook.  I've attempted several different things, and done a little research, but have never been successful.  So, I took him up on his offer.  He spent several hours at the church today trying to figure it out.  He went home and did some more research.  Next Thursday morning he will come in and get my phone talking to Outlook.  I am delighted to have this close to being resolved.  I thanked him for not solving it immediately, as it made me feel a little less incompetent to see that there isn't an easy fix for it. 

With my new computer I subscribed to Office 365.  My IT retiree sold me on the usefulness of SkyDrive, and yesterday I installed the new Office on my old computer.  That took some time since I kept getting different error messages, but I finally managed to fix the issues so it would install.  I think my computer will be spending more nights in my office at the church now.  I like being able to pick up where I left off on multiple computers....

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