Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another Good Sunday

I'm enjoying the sermon series on Exodus that I'm doing this fall, and the congregation seems to be enjoying it, too.  People are beginning to add events to our timeline, which is nice.  Our attendance is steadily growing.  When I arrived, we had several families leave because I was a woman.  The first year was rough, as both giving and attendance were down.  It's wonderful to see the congregation moving forward. 

Today we had a fellowship meal, and at my suggestion we had a baked potato bar.  From the number of people who stayed for the meal, I think we will do this particular meal again.  There is an energy and excitement which is great.  We had a man who worshiped with us for the second time today.  He is a minister on disability, and unable to drive.  He is living with family 13 miles from the church.  He would like to join the choir.  The choir decided today if a family member brings him to choir, one of them will take him home.  The choir director is excited because he's going to have to add some chairs to accommodate the new choir members this year. 

I'm excited because we have more children who are attending regularly.  One of our young women shared with me that she felt God calling her in a new direction.  Today she completed some training that gets her started in that new direction.  It's wonderful to see her stepping out in new directions in response to this call. 

This is pastor appreciation month, which is nice and I appreciate their kind words.  I keep telling them, though, that I am very grateful to be serving with them.  It's a wonderful place to be.  They are so good with Daughter.  Once we get to the church, I don't see her, as she is off collecting hugs and singing in the choir.  I'm rambling-- I think it's time to head to bed....

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