Saturday, October 5, 2013


Daughter wanted to come cook supper for me.  I informed her that until she could keep herself safe around food, she wouldn't be cooking.  She is not happy, but she did not dispute that she has somehow managed to get into food this week.  She has informed me she just won't come here today.  That's fine with me, though I suspect she will change her mind. 

I'm finally getting some work done in the kitchen, which is nice.  I'm also figuring out my diet rotation.  It is challenging, as I knew it would be, but I think I'm coming up with something that will work for me.  I have to rotate food over 3 days, so I'm not eating the same things, which can cause new sensitivities to develop.  I'm going to have meat one of those three days.  One day my protein will come from nuts, one day it will come from beans.  I'm going to have to do some tweaking, but I think I have something that will work. 

Yesterday we ate out, and I chose a Mexican restaurant.  I had bean burritos and asked them to use corn tortillas.  I also had rice and salsa.  I suspect there was something I was sensitive to, as I had some cramping in the afternoon, but it didn't create problems.  It was nice to know there are restaurants where I can find food I can eat. 


Marge said...

I eat gluten free, and find that Mexican works if I ask them to use corn tortillas instead of flour. My favorite place is Chipotle because I am also allergic to fish and shellfish, and Chipotle doesn't serve those things so I don't worry about cross contamination. It is challenging, isn't it? You seem to be doing a very good job and should be proud of yourself!

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks. I like Qdoba for similar reasons. Chipotle puts ham in their pinto beans, which means I can't eat them. I could eat the black beans, but prefer the pinto beans. I've not done as well lately, and I'm feeling it. This week it's back to being very strict about it....