Friday, October 11, 2013

The End of Silence

Case Manager called.  She had cc'd me in an email to Daughter's day program reminding them that they are not to be taking Daughter home when she complains.  She pointed out there was a signed statement from me laying out criteria for Daughter leaving program early:  documented fever, or witnessed vomiting.  She called to ask me not to respond to it.  I asked her why.  Was I satisfied with her answer?  Not really. 

What I did learn:

1. Home isn't planning to kick Daughter out at this point.  (Yes, there have been discussions.)

2. They can't control how long it takes to get Daughter into therapy.

3. She will take Daughter's cell phone away from her if she continues to be verbally abusive to me.

4. She is aware Daughter is playing the staff at her program, and is seeking to address that. 

5. She claims they recognize that I have provided care and resources for Daughter and they're not disputing that.  I'm not convinced.  I still see a power struggle, and think they want me to have less say.  Her call asking me not to respond to emails has more to it than that she is going to take care of it so I didn't need to get involved.  Yes, I'm paranoid. 

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