Monday, October 14, 2013

Taking a Break

Daughter says she confessed her latest transgressions.  I hope that is accurate.  I have not sent out an email about it.  I need a break from dealing with all of that.

So I have sat in my study today, enjoying conversations with a variety of people who have stopped by for various reasons.  I think I had my longest conversation ever with one man who stopped in to change the sign.  My IT genius finally has my android talking to Outlook, so my calendar now automatically syncs.  Now I have no excuses for missing appointments. 

Yesterday the congregation celebrated my 3rd anniversary and pastor appreciation Sunday.  They gave me some assorted foods I can eat and a nice gift certificate for the performing arts center on campus.  I walked this morning, and my walking buddy's kids are both at college now.  She agreed to go with me to an event.  I decided I didn't want to take Daughter and deal with her drama, and I didn't want to go alone.  Now I just have to find an event that isn't sold out, sounds interesting, and fits my schedule.  The woman who did the presentation mentioned my "innovative ideas."  I liked that, it sounded much better than "weird ideas." 

It's been a good day, with a couple of meetings tonight that I hope will also be good....

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