Thursday, October 24, 2013

Red Tags and BS

Yesterday evening a group using the church building reported smelling gas.  I called one of our property guys (the second time he'd been summoned for a problem that day), who called the gas company.  The end result is that one of our large furnaces is now red tagged.  We suspect it will need to be replaced, but won't know until the service company gets here tomorrow or Monday.  We aren't thrilled, but are grateful it was discovered before there was a major problem. 

Daughter is in full Drama Queen mode today.  Home Owner told her they could talk  yesterday about her TV, but then didn't make time to talk to Daughter, and didn't respond to her text.  I reminded Daughter that she needs to control her eating if she wants her TV back.  She responded by announcing she doesn't want the TV any more and is going to give away all her DVDs.  She's also going to get rid of her library card (which she uses to check out DVDs). 

Then she informed me she wanted to move back to the old house.  I told her it wasn't happening.  She is complaining because there aren't activities at the new house.  She claims the old one had lots of activities (not true).  She has conveniently forgotten the problems with the old house, and all the times she complained or refused to participate in what activities they did offer.  I pointed out that she gets activities at her day program.  She insisted that was all work.  I pointed out that as part of the inclusion program she gets to go to the mall and go bowling.  She insisted that was work.  I told her that was Bulls---.  I don't often speak that way, but I was not buying into her story. 

She has had a bit of an attitude most of the day, but has done some work and avoided interaction with us, so I didn't take her back. I think the big problem for her is that she's looking at staying at the home on weekends since she lost the privilege of coming to my house.  She doesn't like being home on the weekends, and they don't do outings.  Getting into food has consequences, and right now, she's not liking those consequences. 

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