Monday, October 28, 2013

Real Progress

I only spoke to Daughter once today.  We had a brief phone conversation this morning, and then exchanged some texts with her late this afternoon.  By the time I got home from my board meeting, she had left me a message telling me she loved me, good night, and she'd call in the morning.  I'm pleased with her progress.

It was another good board meeting.  They had some very good ideas.   I really enjoy working with this board.  We are facing some major expenses, but they know that we'll find the money, so no one is panicking about it. 

In very good news, I learned that a new health food store is coming to a building between the church and my home.  It will be very convenient, and hopefully will have more variety than our local store.  I'm getting tired of driving across town to find things I need....

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