Saturday, October 19, 2013


I worked the concession stand at the local university football game today.  Actually, I was outside, on ice cream and hot cocoa.  It was cold.  We sold lots of cocoa, and more ice cream than I expected.  I enjoyed working the game, though it was cold out there today.

We picked Daughter up on our way home, as she's only a couple of blocks off the road we take.  I put her to work when we got home, which doesn't thrill her.  I'm making chicken curry for supper tonight.  I'm doing more cooking now, and it's nice.  She brought 4 test strips.  Enough to last through lunch tomorrow.  She gets 200 strips a month, and has 32 scheduled tests a week.  I think she has enough to allow her to have extra strips to cover for lows.  But what do I know?  I never did get a response when I asked Home Owner to make a recommendation for covering lows. 

Daughter brought home medical forms to be filled out for the podiatrist.  I told her that Home Owner could fill it out.  I'm not in the mood to be cooperative. 

I'm gradually returning order to my kitchen, for which I'm grateful. 


Anonymous said...

what food is she going to steal tonight??

Reverend Mom said...

Hopefully, none. The pantry is locked, and I'll put the lock on the refrigerator. Her blood sugar before supper was good.

Anonymous said...

i have my fingers crossed for you.

Reverend Mom said...