Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Memories: Limbo

Daughter was now in limbo.  She was not eligible for adoption, and she couldn't return to her birth mother.  I remained her foster mother.  The Case Manager hadn't realized that they couldn't re-file the case without coming up with new grounds.  I think we were all exhausted from the long ordeal.  I didn't explore guardianship at this point.  I was aware of Daughter's precarious situation.  My physician sent me for a TB test because of some blood work or something.  I knew that if I were diagnosed with TB, Daughter would be moved to another foster home.  I knew that if something happened to me, Daughter would lose my entire family.  She had been warmly embraced as the first grandchild. 

The phone visits with birth mom continued.  I enrolled Daughter in school (a year late).  I continued to struggle in a difficult ministry, while owning a home in a very bad neighborhood.  We heard gun fire.  The police helicopter circled overhead, and some nights I would see the search light through my bedroom window. 

Then came the miracle.  One Sunday birth mother was looking in her Bible to pull out a picture Daughter had drawn for her.  Her Bible opened to the story of Saul ordering a baby cut in two, with half given to each of two women claiming to be the mother.  Birth mother decided it was a message from God, and she decided to voluntarily relinquish parental rights, making it possible for me to adopt Daughter.  I was happy, relieved, amazed, you name it.  It was the most wonderful gift Daughter and I could have received. 

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