Monday, April 1, 2013


Daughter is safely ensconced at her new home.  Four Guys and a Trailer had it done very quickly.  Sorting through the meds and paperwork took a bit longer.  Tidbits: 

  • Her old house wasn't handling her meds properly.  Insulin should be thrown out 30 days after it is opened.  She had 9 unopened boxes of her long acting insulin.  They had a 4 month supply of her patch.  I could go on, but you get the idea.... 
  • The other woman at the new house is the daughter of a staff member at the old house.  (Does that say a lot or what?)
  • The House Manager at the old house acknowledged the challenge of finding decent employees and the constant revolving door there.
  • There are lots of people having issues with billing with the pharmacy. 
  • In 9 years of running houses, the owner of the new home says no one has moved out. 
Daughter handled it well.  There were some tears, she was showing some stress, but overall she did a fantastic job.  When I got there this morning, she had removed the linens from her bed and stacked the mattress and box spring against the wall so it would be easier for the guys to remove the headboard and collapse the frame.  I was impressed. 

The next few weeks will have challenges as everyone adjusts, but it will work out, and I'm grateful. 


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping the new home takes better care of your DD. Imagine how much better life would be for your DD and people like her if the government spent less on questionable agencies like the TSA and Homeland Security and more on housing and job training for the mentally challenged.

Reverend Mom said...

Government spending reflects our priorities, and right now fear is winning out. I do wish that the least of these were a higher priority.