Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Snippets

During Sunday School:  It's hard to spend time in prayer that is just being in God's presence.  We are so focused on doing that we have a difficult time just being in God's presence.

Worship:  Baptism and Communion.  It was a full service, and it went well.

Fellowship meal:  We had a pasta bar today.  The planners were stressing about it last week, but it ended up going very well. 

  • A woman who buried her son in the fall was talking about how hard the first Easter was. 
  • Our college student nursery attendant is having an MRI this week.  She is having symptoms consistent with MS.  She hasn't told her parents, as she doesn't want them to worry.  I hooked her up with a nurse and a woman who was diagnosed with MS 35 years ago-- when she was about the nursery attendant's age.  It was a God thing-- I had put our bag at a table downstairs, and NA sat down to eat there, not knowing we would be there. 
  • I mentioned the suicide of Rick Warren's son in worship today.  A man came to talk to me about baptism and heaven.  I suspect he was thinking about his son, who committed suicide as a young adult.  We had a good conversation-- I hope I addressed the sub-text of the conversation and gave him what he needed. 
  • A man came over and was talking about the frustration of not being able to do the yard work he'd like to do because of back issues.
  • A young woman in the congregation is going to see a specialist this week.  She has melanoma on her leg, which was discovered last week. 
Daughter was eager to go home, so she's back at her house.  I considered doing some more work on my raised garden boxes today, but decided to relax, instead.  I was up until midnight last night watching basketball.  I'm going to start some more seeds in the basement this afternoon and putter in the kitchen, but no construction projects today. 

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