Saturday, April 6, 2013


I picked Daughter up this afternoon.  Instead of a tub filled with all her medications, they gave me her meds for the rest of today and tomorrow morning.  I like this.  Her blood sugars have been excellent since she moved-- her morning numbers are a bit high, so I have to figure out how to address that, but the rest of the day her numbers are great.  This house is going to be good for her.  She has stopped calling insisting I rescue her.  She told me when she heads out in the morning one of the staff members hugs her and tells her she loves her.  Daughter said, "That makes me feel good." 

We spend some time working in the backyard.  Spring clean-up was complicated by 2 things:  the removal of a large locust tree in November and the running of TV cable last month.  They didn't do a great job of picking up all the sticks when they cut down my tree.  They also left a number of holes in the yard where large limbs fell.  The people running the cable moved one of my compost bins, dumping the compost all over the garden.  I returned it to its proper position and put the compost back in it today.  I also raked up lots of sticks and some thatch, which Daughter put in the yard waste cans for me. 

I made nachos for supper, and Daughter loved them.  For snack she agreed to try cottage cheese with pineapple-- and loved it. It's been a good day.

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