Thursday, April 11, 2013

So Much for Planning

We had an all day regional church meeting on Tuesday.  The regional church committee that I convene was scheduled to meet this afternoon.  Last week I emailed the committee members (8 total), asking if they would be able to meet today and offering another option.  This was the best day for the majority of the committee with all but one saying they would attend.  I wasn't thrilled about a day and a half on regional church stuff in one week, but I decided I would make it work.

Yesterday 2 committee members cancelled out.  This morning a third one did.  Yes, I was frustrated.  One of the four of us left attending had to take half a day of vacation to attend, so it wouldn't have been fair to him to cancel the meeting.  The four remaining committee members plus a staff person gathered this afternoon.  None of us were on time.  It was, however, a productive meeting.  We have done more since I took over as convener last month than we'd done in the previous year I'd served on the committee.  Hopefully people will realize the meetings are worth attending now.  Of course, after all the time I've been out of the office this week, I will be in the office tomorrow.  Fortunately, that doesn't happen too often.

I had to drag Daughter to the meeting.   Sister Best Friend was also going to be attending, so she texted Daughter last night to ask her if she'd be willing to fold bulletins during the meeting.  After finding out how many were involved, Daughter agreed to do the job.  When she called me last night, she said, "One of your friends asked me to fold bulletins.  How did they know to ask me?"  I told her the friend was Aunt SBF.  She liked that she'd get to see SBF today.  She also saved SBF's number to her contact list.  SBF may end up regretting having sent a text to Daughter, giving her the cell phone number.  I know Daughter has already sent her at least one text.  Then again, she did get her bulletins folded.  The other minister at the meeting was pondering what office work he could bring for Daughter next month....

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