Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Come On, Spring

Today I had another conversation with a member insisting they were moving south.  Everybody is more than ready for spring.  It has been very gray.  We've had winds and thunderstorms and lots of rain.  We have snow in the forecast for Friday.  I have some crocuses that have bloomed, but the daffodils and other spring flowers haven't yet. 

This morning at breakfast a colleague said, "I vowed I wouldn't complain this year.  Last year our early warm up followed by more cold destroyed the fruit crop.  So I'm not going to complain that it's still cold and gray."  She looked very tired as she said this. 

Daughter has had meltdowns the last two days.  I walked through the grocery store this afternoon talking to her on my cell phone and trying to get her to calm own.  She was terrified.  The other woman in the house had a meltdown and threw things at her.  She was genuinely worried about her safety there. 

I don't think there's anything wrong that some sunshine and warmer weather wouldn't cure.  I've had several conversations recently with some or our returned snowbirds.  I think they all wished they'd stayed in the south longer this year. 

I actually look forward to complaining about the heat in a few months....


Miz Kizzle said...

How many other women share the house with your DD?

Reverend Mom said...

There are 2 live-in staff members. Right now there is one other resident, but two more will be moving in this month. They are licensed for 6.