Sunday, April 21, 2013

Current: Meltdown

Daughter is now sleeping on the sofa in my study.  A little while ago she was sobbing as though her heart were broken.  She wants to be normal.  She wants to live independently.  It's not fair that she was born with mental issues.  She wants a real job.  It looks like her life will be moving from group home to group home, and that's not what she wants.

So what prompted this?  I think the big thing was people asking her how she likes her new home.  It got her to thinking about the things she doesn't like about it.  She doesn't feel they are listening to her.  She says they write things down, but never act on them.  The owner has been promising to get her cable TV in her room, but hasn't followed through yet.  She feels like they are making empty promises, that she isn't being heard.  She saw this as another step towards independence, but she doesn't see them doing anything to encourage her independence.  She wants to be responsible for her own meds and insulin.  I told her she needed to learn to be responsible with her money first.  She doesn't see how that can ever happen.

It's hard being Daughter.  Very hard.  She has escaped into sleep, I have too much to do to sleep.  So I'm looking at her and grieving for her.  We will be heading to the nursing home for worship soon, and then I will drop her off and come back here to finish my preparations for the class I'm teaching at 6:00. 


Miz Kizzle said...

I'm sorry your DD feels like her caregivers aren't listening to her. Do you think they're ignoring her request to have cable TV installed in her room or are they just busy with more pressing issues?

Reverend Mom said...

I think the owner is overwhelmed. This is her third house, and I think she is trying to do too much herself. She needs to hand off some of it to her employees. The women at Daughter's house do not have cars, so owner provides any transportation not provided by the bus service. I should see her Wednesday at Daughter's psychiatrist appointment. I may talk to her about it then.