Monday, April 8, 2013

The Crisis du Jour

Daughter has to call me at least once a day with some terrible news.  I can tell how well things are going at the new house by the nature of the news:

  • The prayers before meals are too long (Sister's comment:  "How can she complain about that when you have such long prayers?")
  • Her Sound of Music video tape won't work.
  • The menu has clam chowder down for her lunch.
She doesn't appreciate it when I refuse to get all uptight over her crises.  She gets mad when I laugh.  I told her last night that she should be grateful she has a TV and DVD/VCR in her room.  I think she knew where that was headed, because she stopped complaining. 

Anyway, I'm enjoying the fact that her crises are now so easy to dismiss.  Yesterday I was explaining to a member that she'd moved into a new group home.  She objected.  Her last place was a group home.  This place is just home.  I like that. 

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