Thursday, April 25, 2013

Current: Odds and Ends

We have been working on recruiting volunteers to do some work in the office.  When I arrived, we had volunteers who came in to fold the bulletins on Friday.  Those two women died, so I've recruited two new ones.  Now we've added a volunteer who comes in on Wednesday and Daughter comes in on Thursday. 

It has made a huge difference in our ability to get work done.  We continue to find more things our volunteers can do.  It's nice-- people seem to be understanding that the office is often overwhelmed.  We are planning to do some cleaning and reorganizing this summer.  Hopefully with a slower pace, we will be able to accomplish that. 

After beginning the week with 3 12 hour days, my cold symptoms that turn up when I'm over tired have reappeared.  I'm almost ready for Sunday, and hope to be ready before I take Daughter home tonight after choir.  I'm looking forward to doing some work in the yard tomorrow.  We had some more snow today.  I think everybody here is ready for spring to come and stay.  It's been cruelly teasing us....

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