Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Current: Duh

Sunday night I lost TV, internet, and my home phone.  Monday night I went online on my smart phone and did the trouble shooting.  When the trouble shooting didn't work, they directed me to a chat page which wouldn't load on my phone. 

Yesterday I called customer service from the church. 

"What is the number on your account?"

I dutifully recite my phone number.

"What is your problem?"

I explain that I don't have phone, TV, or internet.

"Is the number on your account a good number to use to call you back?"

"No, as I just told you, my phone isn't working." 

"Oh, is there another number where we can call you back?"

It took 20 minutes to get to the point where I was informed they couldn't help me because I wasn't at home in front of the box.  I told them I'd done all the trouble shooting listed on line, and it still wouldn't work.  That didn't make any difference.  I had to call back and get back in line when I was at home in front of the box (on my cell phone that tends to drop calls in the room where the box is located).  I was assured customer service lines were open 24/7.  I got home and finally decided to try again.  I went back online, and discovered customer service lines aren't open 24/7.  I called and waited on hold.  The recording helpfully suggested I go online and use the trouble shooter to solve my problems.  Finally I got to a person.  Once again I was asked if the out of order number was a good number to use to call me back.  I explained I had rebooted numerous times, that all the cables were securely attached, and that I had the red no service light flashing.  He made me reboot.  I had to tell him the color of each cable and which port it was in.  I had to assure him the cables weren't damaged.  Then he informed me my box was old and out of date and they'd have to send me a new one.  He instructed me that I should transfer one cable at a time to the new box to assure they got into the right port.  I asked how long that would take to get the new box.  Then he said, "Oops, they are on back order." 

Tomorrow morning a technician is supposed to come and replace my box.  I hope the technician brings a box.  I hope that's the problem.  I was also informed it could take up to 4 hours to fix the problem.  It is very strange, not having access to the internet via my computer at home.  The smart phone just can't do everything.  It has been a frustrating week.  Computers in the office were misbehaving today, too.  There are days when technology is not my friend. 

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Miz Kizzle said...

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