Saturday, May 11, 2013

Frustrations and Joys

Right now I'm very frustrated.  My mail order pharmacy was involved in a merger last year.  I was a little concerned because the pharmacy they were merging with had been a pain to deal with for my parents.  I saw my doctor last week, and she faxed in some refills for me.  It is taking them a week to process those refills.  This is much longer than I've ever had to deal with in the past, and unfortunately, that means I will be heading off to a conference without some of the medications I need.  Part of it is my fault.  I trusted that it would work the way it always has, and so it wasn't until this morning I went to the website to check the status.  The website is now less user friendly.   When I went to check on the status, it showed that several prescriptions weren't eligible for refill until the second week in July, even though they had last been filled in January.  I called.  It turns out that they are in limbo-- they've got them in process, so I can't order refills, but they haven't been completed, so it doesn't show the current order or a ship date.  I haven't looked to see what I'll be doing without.  I don't want to know.  Hopefully they will be here when I return from my conference.  Hopefully.  I should have been less trusting, especially knowing that the merger had taken place. 

Now for some joy.  Yesterday evening was our second monthly Friday night program designed to give parents a break and children some Christian programming.  We had more children participating, more volunteers helping, and it went extremely well.  Daughter signed up to help as soon as the sign-up sheet went out-- without checking with me, of course.  I hear she was very helpful.  I greet parents at check-in and check-out, and then was the story teller.  I really enjoyed it.  The kids were having fun, adults were having meaningful conversations, and it was fun.  We have a young woman who has been doing all the planning pretty much solo-- I have been urging her to build a team and delegate, but she has been slow to follow my advice.  I pushed a little harder, and yesterday evening she asked the adults for suggestions for next time and how it can be improved.  They provided some wonderful ideas.

We are going to do one more in June, and then will restart again in September.  It was great to see the parents coming in dressed for a date, and to see them return relaxed and smiling after an evening without the children.  I am so pleased we can offer this ministry to our community. 

Our community garden beds are all taken for this year.  This is the second year, and word of mouth got the 18 beds reserved very quickly.  I suspect we will be talking about adding some more for next year.

Monday morning I will be heading to Nashville for the Festival of Homiletics.  I'm looking forward to an opportunity to hear good preaching and learn more about how to proclaim the Word.  I'm going to make our reservations for camping, too.  It sounds like some folks from the church might join us at the state park for a weekend.  I think that's good news-- fortunately, these are people who I like and with whom I can relax.  I've never had members who wanted to follow me on vacation before-- fortunately, they are healthy ones who don't expect me to take care of them....

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