Thursday, May 30, 2013


I received a phone call this morning from a regional church official.  He was looking for a congregation that would be willing to have a guest preacher on June 9.  someone had dropped the ball, and so he was trying to fix things and make it work.  I sent out an email to check with the board, and now I don't have to write a sermon next week.  I'm grateful.  It will give me an opportunity to take care of some other things that need to get done before I go on vacation. 

My lawn is being mowed by a member right now.  I am grateful for these gifts as I continue to recover from my injury.  I made it 4 hours today at the office.  Now I'm resting before this evening's choir party.  Daughter is making her special cole slaw for it.  I will be in the office for a while tomorrow.  I still have some work to do on the sermon for this Sunday, and I have a committal service at 1:00 on Saturday....

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