Friday, May 10, 2013

Current: 30 Day Review

This morning was the meeting to review Daughter's placement in the current house and her corresponding change in program.  The program changes were great, and Daughter is now doing cleaning, which means more money. 

The house issues are being addressed.  Perhaps most importantly, she now knows that Home Owner, Case Manager, and I will talk, and we will be on the same page.  She has been caught, and she knows it. 

Perhaps most interesting is that she is doing the same things at this house that she did when she was living with me.  It means they are doing a good job in that she feels like it is home.  It means that she is being very challenging to live with.  Overall, things are improving, so that is good. 

She came into the meeting with an attitude, and I informed her if she kept the attitude it would wear me out and I would be too tired to pick her up for the children's program at the church tonight.  She heard me, and managed to turn it around.  I am very pleased with the way it went.  I am glad that I no longer have to deal with the challenges that came when she was living with me.  Very glad. 

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