Friday, May 24, 2013

Blessed, Again

This morning there was a mini-invasion.  One of the saints came and stripped and remade my bed, scrubbed out the bathtub, and ran the vacuum.  A couple came and used their equipment to pick up and deliver 3 yards of garden soil to my raised garden bed, filling the two new ones, topping off the two old ones, and filling in the holes left in the yard when I had a tree removed.  They also trimmed, weeded, and mowed.

I am paying for my excesses earlier in the week.  My wrist is swollen and sore.  I've been walking around holding my hand over my heart, in hopes that the swelling will go down.  It hasn't gone down, but I don't think it's gotten any worst. 

I picked up Kitten last night.  She was still with the friend who was going to care for her while I was at the Festival of Homiletics.  The friend had to fly out this morning for a family emergency.  It's good to have Kitten back.  A man just back from a European tour stopped by to visit, too. 

I am so blessed to be serving with this congregation.

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