Monday, May 27, 2013

Staff Issues

Thursday Daughter got to the church, and realized she didn't have the pills she is supposed to take at supper.  Staff gave her the insulin, but not her pills.  Treasurer volunteered to take Daughter back to get them.  I was very grateful.

Yesterday when I picked Daughter up, she told me she'd given staff a list of what she'd need for her time with me.  Last night she got ready for bed, and discovered staff hadn't given her the bedtime pills.  It was late, I was tired, and I decided I didn't have the energy to go get them.  So, she didn't get her night time pills last night. 

Today I emailed Home Owner.  There were several issues-- including the medication issues.  Daughter called shortly after I got home.  Home Owner called staff, and now staff was calling Daughter a liar.  She wants to move back here.  Sigh. 


Anonymous said...

ishe playing the "dissappearing pills" game for drama??? don't fall for it.

Reverend Mom said...

It is a possibility, but I believe her this time, for a variety of reasons.