Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Good Phone Call and Bills

Daughter called this morning, happy and upbeat.  She didn't try to convince me that she needed to come here early.  She knows I will pick her up tomorrow and she can spend Sunday and Monday with me.  She's accepted that.  She didn't try to manipulate me.  I like that. 

I'm still recovering.  I tried to do too much earlier in the week, and I've been paying.  Yesterday and today are both low key sit in the recliner and snooze days.  I'd love to be outside, but I know there isn't much I can do with one arm. 

My insurance has begun paying my bills.  I'm grateful I have good insurance.  Even with good insurance, I'm going to take a financial hit on this.  At least I'm through my maximum out of pocket for the year.  I wonder if I can convince the surgeon to remove the plates and screws before the end of the year.... 

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