Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Daughter has been super cooperative, and we've accomplished quite a bit this week.  The freezer I the kitchen has been cleaned out.  The guest room is clean.  All the piles of paperwork have been organized.  I've been doing a lot of reflecting on this past year.  At first, I was feeling like 2013 was a bad year.  But upon reflection, I feel better about things.  I realize the mess at home had me avoiding it and spending too much time at the church.  Now that it is clean, I think I'll be more willing to spend time here.  I won't be as overwhelmed. 

At church, I finally have mastered the art of finishing my sermon by Thursday.  It means that I can truly take Friday and Saturday off.  It was a busy year at the church, and we are moving forward in exciting ways.  I've also finally managed to conquer the diet, after years of trying.  I am going to do more planning for my diet this year, so I have more variety and a better rotation in my meals.  I also intend to make some convenience meals for myself-- things I can put in the freezer and pull out for quick meals. 

For this coming year, I've been thinking of what the important things are for me.  The things that energize me and keep me moving forward.  They include spiritual and professional reading, exercise, a clean house, and healthy food.  At this point, we're scheduled to go walking tomorrow, but I may wimp out.  It is supposed to be very cold tomorrow, and I'm not sure I'm ready to walk when the temperature is in the low teens. 

I hope every one celebrates safely this evening, and that 2014 holds many blessings for you. 

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