Thursday, December 19, 2013


Sometimes, ministry is all about juggling.  This week I led a joint board meeting, and wrote articles for the January newsletter reflecting on 2013.  I worked on the sermon for this Sunday, planned a Christmas service for the nursing home Sunday afternoon, worked on Christmas Eve, and finalized the bulletin for December 29.  I began preparing for the board retreat in January, ordering material for it.  We also designed and ordered bracelets for Lent.  There was a hospital visit in there, a staff Christmas lunch, and a clergy breakfast.  At the clergy breakfast I learned that the guitarist for Sunday evening's Taize service is sick.  The pianist had already backed out, leaving us with just a flute for instruments.  I began working on the piano music for that service. 

Daughter was in the office today, and she was a bit down.  She is upset because she won't have group therapy again until January 8.  She doesn't think she can go that long without it.  She's concerned about the unstructured time while her program was closed, so she was stressed about that.  So between writing and planning, I was offering her plans and diversions.  I suggested she make a list of all the things she wants to do while she's her on break.  That kept her busy for a while. 

We were feeling pretty good about our progress, but after bell choir rehearsal this evening I realized we hadn't printed the material for Sunday afternoon, so I will be in the office tomorrow.  The bulletin for Sunday evening needs to be printed, too.  We were readjusting musicians and vocalists for that service after bell choir this evening, so that will require some editing of the bulletin tomorrow morning.

I'm still working on paperwork for Daughter, too.  Right now I'm doing a great deal of juggling.  I hope I don't drop anything.  

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