Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Comedy of Errors

Daughter saw Psychiatrist Friday.  On the way out, Home Owner dropped her prescriptions at the pharmacy, and they promised they would be delivered to the house on Monday.  Daughter came to our Blue Christmas service last night, and then went home with me since today was her day to volunteer in the office and stay for choir. 

I noticed last night she was out of her antipsychotic.  She'd had it yesterday at supper, but didn't have any for today.  Daughter was concerned.  I assured her we'd pick it up from the house today.  So, this morning she called the house.  Staff informed her that the pharmacy hadn't delivered it and they didn't have any more at the house.  I asked if staff was going to talk to Home Owner, and she said she didn't mention it.  I told her to call Home Owner.  She did.  No answer, voice mail full.  I told her to send a text.  She did.  Several hours later Daughter hadn't heard anything, so I sent a text (I try to stay out of these things, encouraging Daughter to be her own advocate). 

Finally, this afternoon, I emailed Case Manager.  Daughter has her planning meeting for the year tomorrow.  These meetings are always stressful for her, and to ask her to sit through it without her antipsychotic isn't fair.  I finally got a text from Home Owner, who dropped the medication off at the church for us.  It turns out the pharmacy lost the prescription.  Home Owner didn't know it hadn't been delivered (this issue has been addressed with Staff).  Home Owner went and got the copy of the prescription the pharmacy had made and given to her.  Then she delivered it to the pharmacy, waited for the prescription, and brought it here.  She'd been in meetings and court most of the day, so didn't know what was going on. 

Daughter had been getting increasingly stressed, but once she knew the medication was on the way, she relaxed.  I'm grateful the situation got fixed.  The pharmacy is going to investigate how the prescription got lost.  I hope they figure it out so it doesn't happen again....

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